10 Hour Continuing Education Course for Florida Cosmetology Licenses #0501468

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Required for: Cosmetologist(CL), Nail Specialist(FV), Facial Specialist(FB), Full Specialist(FS)

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This complete course consists of 8 modules. Details for each module are listed below.

Course Completion Requirement

Student must successfully pass a twenty-five (25) question quiz with score of at least 75%. (Unlimited Attempts to pass the quiz)

Course Outline

Module 1: HIV/AIDS and Other Communicable Diseases

In this module we will define HIV and AIDS, and Hepatitis, how they are transmitted, infection control and prevention, how the diseases are managed in the healthcare system, and attitudes and behaviors toward persons with HIV and AIDS.

Module 2: Sanitation and Sterilization

In this module we will identify standard cleaning and disinfecting precautions, disinfectants and antiseptics, hand sanitation, tool disinfection, bacterial, viral, and fungal control, bloodborne pathogens control, and parasite infection and infestation control

Module 3: OSHA Regulations

In this module we will discuss occupational health hazards of typical products used and understand these hazards and learn methods to limit exposure.

Module 4: Workers’ Compensation Issues

In this module we will detail Florida Workers Compensation and the rights and responsibilities of both the employee and employer in the unfortunate event of an injury.

Module 5: State and Federal Laws and Rules

This module will highlight some of the most important Florida laws & rules pertaining to practicing cosmetology, the board of cosmetology, prohibited conduct & penalties, and salon requirements.

Module 6: Chemical Makeup

In this module we will discuss the anatomy makeup of hair, skin, nails and their function. We will also cover pH, what it is and how it works in its relation to skin, nails, hair, and products as well as overview of disorders of the skin, hair and nails.

Module 7: Environmental Issues

In this module we will discuss the laws pertaining to cosmetics and the regulations cosmetic including organic cosmetics are required to adhere to.

Module 8: Cosmetics Products

In this module we will discuss cosmetics and their effect on our health including FDA warnings and federal law. We will discuss some of the chemical additives in cosmetics as well as some adverse effects cosmetics may have on our bodies.

Submittal to DBPR

Upon successfully completion of quiz and payment, course completion will be sent electronically (end of day) to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR).

Note: completions may take up to 48 hours to appear on your account in myfloridalicense.com

97 reviews for 10 Hour Continuing Education Course for Florida Cosmetology Licenses #0501468

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    I am a returning customer and will continue to be so.

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    Reply: Sorry for the inconvenience, we submitted the completion to the DBPR, the certificates can be found anytime in MyCourses or MyAccount after you complete the course, but no worries we email you the certificate as well. Note: The certificate is for your records only, the real “meat and potatoes” is submitting your completion to the DBPR.

    • Sabrina H. (verified owner)

      Sorry for the inconvenience, we submitted the completion to the DBPR, the certificates can be found anytime in MyCourses or MyAccount after you complete the course, but no worries we email you the certificate as well. Note: The certificate is for your records only, the real “meat and potatoes” is submitting your completion to the DBPR.

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